Catering Menu

Catering Menu

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  • Serves 6-8

    Mango Shrimp Lettuce Cups

    A full flavored light mixture of poached whole shrimp, mango and fresh vegetables with notes of coconut and curry served with lettuce cups.

    Basil Balsamic Bruschetta

    Fresh diced Roma tomatoes tossed with balsamic reduction, fresh basil and shallots served with local garlic herb crostini. 28

    Classic Chick Pea Hummus

    Chef’s signature chick pea hummus served with house baked garlic herb pita bread.


    Traditional or Sweet & Spicy

    Seared Ahi Tuna

    Sesame or black pepper crusted ahi tuna loin, seared rare, thin sliced and served with Thai ginger sauce. Big Eye Tuna: Market Price

    Beef Mignonettes

    Black pepper crusted beef shoulder tender, thin sliced and served cold with horseradish crème.

    Ahi Tuna Poke

    Ahi tuna, jalapeno, edamame, green onion, tobiko, cucumber in sesame soy dressing.

    Southwest Poke

    Ahi tuna, Hamachi, salmon, pepitas, roasted corn, edamame, avocado, tobiko tossed with Argentinian chimichurri


    Grilled with your choice of chili-lime, whole grain honey mustard, Thai ginger, honey chipotle. Beef: Market Price

    Shrimp Cocktail

    Grilled or poached shrimp! Sized to your specification and served with Fin’s signature orange habanero cocktail sauce.

    Spinach & Artichoke Dip

    Our house made blend of artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, garlic, herbs, and spices served warm to enjoy with tortilla chips.

    Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip

    Our house made blend of crab, artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, garlic, herbs, and spices served warm to enjoy with tortilla chips.

    Mini Salmon Cakes

    Hand chopped sterling salmon with a blend of crisp vegetables served with 2 sauces – Griddled or Deep Fried.

    Lobster Deviled Eggs

    Whipped eggs with shallot, fresh herbs and spices topped with lobster-crab salad, Sriracha, spicy aioli, eel sauce, tobiko, green onions and sesame seeds

    Lobster Tator Tots

    Hand made in house with potatoes, lobster, smoked gouda cheese, and green onions served with chipotle aioli and ranch. 35

    Poblano Queso Fundido

    Pepper Jack cheese, green onions, fresh jalapeno, cilantro, roasted poblano, and goat cheese topped with pico de gallo and fresh limes. Served with fresh corn tortilla chips.
  • Serves 6-8
    We have Fresh Seafood delivered six days a week. New options and culinary creations available upon request.

    Honey Chipotle Salmon

    Our Sterling salmon, grilled and then glazed with Fin’s signature honey chipotle glaze garnished with fresh cilantro and lime. Served with your choice of: mashed potatoes, cilantro lime rice, or charred vegetables.

    Shanghai Salmon

    Crispy tempura fried salmon tossed with assortment of vegetables, served with sushi rice with our signature shanghai sauce.

    Mountain Mushroom Beef

    Your chosen cut of beef with a trio of exotic mushrooms and a red wine beef demi-glace. Served with your choice of: mashed potatoes, cilantro lime rice, or charred vegetables.
    Market Price

    Mediterranean Mahi

    Marinated and grilled Pacific Mahi with lightly pickled red onion, red pepper, shaved asparagus, and capers with grape tomatoes and feta cheese. Served with your choice of: mashed potatoes, cilantro lime rice, or charred vegetables.

    Alaskan Halibut Florentine

    Pan seared Alaskan halibut filet- lightly seasoned and served with fresh spinach, tomatoes, and parmesan cream. Served with your choice of: mashed potatoes, cilantro lime rice, or charred vegetables.

    Beach Street Taco Bar

    Do it yourself taco bar including choice of chicken or shrimp, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, red onion, fresh limes, sour cream, avocado, and house made corn tortillas. Served with cilantro lime rice.
    One Protein 75
    Two Proteins 115

    Creamy Garlic Shrimp Scampi

    Pan seared jumbo shrimp with fettuccini, white wine, garlic, and parmesan cream.

    Lobster Mac & Cheese

    Lobster tossed in a four cheese cream sauce with cavatappi pasta and baked with bacon and panko crust topped with green onions.

    Smokin Mac & Cheese

    House smoked Andouille Sausage and blackened shrimp tossed with cavatappi pasta, smoked gouda, parmesan, and cheddar jack cheese topped with green onion.

    *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.*
  • Classic - 6 Rolls

    2 Spicy Tuna Rolls
    2 California Rolls
    2 Firecracker Shrimp Rolls

    Mix it Up - 6 Rolls

    2 Atomic Rolls
    1 Mango Tango Roll
    1 Spicy Tuna
    1 Rock Lobster Roll (not fried)
    1 Platinum

    Sushi Me Right - 8 rolls

    2 Platinum
    2 Dragon Roll
    1 El Diablo Roll
    1 Mango Tango
    1 Spicy Tuna
    1 Cali

    You Call It

    Choice 5 Rolls Below
    El Diablo
    Spicy Tuna
    Mango Tango
    Rock Lobster
    Firecracker Shrimp
  • Serves 20-25

    House Salad

    Mixed greens, shaved red onions, grape tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles, and pepitas tossed in house citrus vinaigrette.

    Caesar Salad

    Romaine lettuce, croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, house made miso Caesar dressing.

    Smoked Salmon Chop

    Arugula and spring mix, Israeli Couscous, tomato, roasted corn relish, pepitas, house smoked Salmon, and parmesan cheese tossed together in a bacon herb dressing.

    Lobster & Shrimp Citrus

    Lobster and shrimp atop organic arugula, spinach, fresh mint, edamame, carrot, grape tomato, red onion, roasted corn relish, roasted red pepper, pepitas, and house citrus vinaigrette.

    Key West Cobb

    Chargrilled shrimp with mixed greens, avocado, tomato, cheddar jack, hard-boiled egg, and bacon with your choice of dressing.

    Baja Chicken

    Blackened chicken, mixed greens, cheddar jack cheese, pico de gallo, roasted corn relish, and avocado all tossed together in ranch dressing.

    Seared Ahi

    Sesame crusted Ahi Tuna over mixed greens tossed with cabbage, red onion, carrot, and edamame served with wasabi soy dressing.
  • BBQ Pork

    1.50 ea.

    Citrus Marinated Pork

    1.50 ea.


    1.50 ea.

    Lobster Crab BLT

    2.00 ea.
  • Serves 20-25

    Fruit & Cheese 24” Platters

    A selection of seasonal fruit and artisan cheeses presented in a visually stunning format served with a selection of whole wheat crackers or local crostini.

    Fresh Vegetable Platter

    A varied selection of fresh seasonal vegetables served raw or grilled with choice of dipping sauces.

    Seasonal Fruit Platter

    A varied selection of fresh seasonal fruit.
  • Serves 20-25

    Mango Cake

    Key Lime Pie


    Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel

    Strawberry Shortcake